Demonstrations and hand-on experiments on "How to understand plants at cellular level"

Institut für Biochemie & Biotechnologie/Pflanzenbiochemie/GRK 2498


17:00 bis 22:00 Uhr / Mitmachprogramm

It is amazing how plants can adapt to changing conditions. Since they are firmly connected to their location, their ability to adapt determines life and death - The perception of changes and communication within the plant is of great importance. With various demonstrations and hands-on experiments, we want to show you what plants can do at the cellular level and how scientists are trying to understand the complex processes involved. In line with the topic, a small challenge awaits you.

Route: Spiel, Spannung, Spaß - Kinderprogramm
Veranstaltungsort: Institut für Biochemie und Biotechnologie , Kurt-Mothes-Str. 3 ; Biochemistry building, seminar room 100.1 & 115

Haltestelle: Weinberg Campus